Sunday, 21 November 2010

Day 32: Baby Joy

To my parents, Leah & Errick 

Parents & Ticke 

The picture today is a very old one. It was taken approximately a quarter of a century ago... I particularly love it because the cute baby in the polka dot outfit looks like both her dad and her mom. Not to mention she is me.

November 21st has now become a very special day. Not that it has anything to do with my parents and I but with someone else who is also very special. One of my close friends, Leah, has given birth to her little boy, Noah, at 9.25pm after being in labour for 12 hours. I haven't seen them and so there is no picture of baby Noah but I know I already love him like he is my own. I have known his parents since they met last year and been through their ups and downs with them, and have seen Leah's bump growing and growing. She is also the first friend at close proximity who has a baby so it is doubly special for me. Noah is going to be my practice for changing nappies and babysitting etc.

I think having kids is an amazing experience, even though I haven't had my own yet and cannot wait my turn. The close relationship I have with my parents (plus all the precious photos we have of baby me); seeing my friends' babies grow up virtually (yes, I follow their development on the internet) nothing seems more rewarding; family just means a whole lot to me. I wish someone would have the courage to start one with me soon! :) 

Just want to send out congratulations to my friends Leah & Errick. I am incredibly proud of them, esp Leah. They will be such incredible parents. I cannot wait to see little Noah.

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