Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Day 15: Monologue

Taken with Blackberry 9700 
London 3rd November 2010 

The thing with Project 365 is that it trains the eyes to look out for something interesting. Most of us are usually so absorbed in the bigger picture of our busy lives that we stop noticing the little things around us. Certain day I really struggle to find the time; let alone inspiration. Other days like today when I actually wanted to go out and take pictures, I realized that the sun now set at around 4.30pm, then found Nikkie without a memory card.

So I sat down in the corner of a Starbucks, disappointed and angry. I had been carrying this heavy camera around and it had become useless. Instead, I pulled out my Moleskin. These notebooks have been my soulmate for more than 3 years (one each year for now) ... they're patient with my frustrations, help me to remember things and ideas that inspire me, sometimes record sketches and scribbles. I adore them. But I also abandon them from time to time. Whenever I come back to them, I always feel pleasantly surprised... They're like really really good friends who are always there for you but expect nothing in return except your trust.

The only thing missing is those "dear diary" moments ...  I wonder how many old fashion people are still out there?

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  1. Love the idea of moleskin diaries! I used to carry a notebook to jot down poems and ideas, but now I jyst blog them from my phone. Not quite as satisfying as having a good old pen and paper though!

    Mind you, my other problem is I hate untidy writing, and mine starts off neat but ends up in a scrawl, so I nevervwant to write in pretty notebooks I buy! Your handwriting is beautiful!!