Sunday, 21 November 2010

Day 31:Home-made Pho

Taken with Nikkie 

I am not always confident when it comes to cooking phở so I rarely cook it at home. The broth is particularly tricky. However, I am now proud to say I have mastered the making of phở gà  (chicken pho)... This was my last batch so the broth isn't as clear but imagine the first batch. It was rather divine :) WH enjoyed three days of phở and he wasn't even sick of it. But that's WH for you, my food is always good and there is no limit to eating phở. 

1 comment:

  1. :) WH is one hell of a lucky man!
    Ở HK ăn đồ Tàu, em cứ thèm đồ Việt mãi chị ạ. Em đã đi ăn đồ VN 3 lần từ hồi sang đến giờ and feel like going to eat every week.
    I miss your cooking. One day em cũng ước gì master được món phở như chị. xx