Monday, 15 November 2010

Day 27: Growing Old Together

Dedicated to most of them men

Taken with Nikkie 
London 15 Nov 2010

Along with this picture is a guide about how to take care of sick people, drawn from my own experience as a sick person. I was never taught how to and I guess not everyone was... I remember whenever my mum was sick, the household would turn upside down. Most things stopped functioning properly. I was always in a state of panic because I never knew what to do: how to cook congee, how to go grocery shopping or make ginger tea (I was in my early teens) etc.  I was a useless little kitten. Mum would get upset but then I never had to do anything until I have to do everything by myself...

This guide is not about what medicine to prescribe them but the general etiquette when treating the unwell.

1. Sick people like peace and quiet. They are self-absorbed, slow in responding, get upset easily so please do not ask many questions, just make sure you give them... a. something hot to eat, preferably home-cooked and not bought from the stores; b. orange juice; c. lots of attention & reassurance; d. gently hugs; e. remind them to take their medicine (if any)

2. Take the initiative in finding out what type of illness they have w/o them having to ask you to. This also helps you to know how to deal with their pain/discomfort.

3.  Make sure if your sick person stays at home alone, he/she has easy access to hot food, without having to walk to the store in freezing weather  or getting up to cook (soup is good as can always reheat)

4. Make sure there is an abundant fresh filtered water by their bedside 

5. Make sure they don't have to worry about household chores like doing the laundry or tidying up the room or ironing clothes

I really understand why my mum would get upset and said I was not observant. This is all common sense. Still, we all need a reminder from time to time.

Good Luck! 

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