Sunday, 7 November 2010

Day 19: ... of a Portrait

Taken with Nikkie
London Nov 8th 2010

I was at the National Portrait Gallery today, one of my favourite art galleries in London. I finally had time to take quite a few photos.. but somehow I decided on this one as photo of the day.

This portrait of Kate Winslet was taken by Jason Bell, who was inspired by the some of the 120,000 influential British men and women living and working in New York, and so he began a project that eventually turned into has a small exhibition at the NPG called "An Englishman in New York". The pictures were all BW, with captions from the sitter about how they identify themselves ... more American or more English. Most of them miss the sense of humour... something that really made me nod in agreement.

I like most of his photos, but this was definitely my favourite... There's something "je ne sais quoi" & very British about Kate that he captured very well. Just beautiful!

I love portraits, either photographs or paintings.  Because people are interesting especially when they are not (really) posing. As my fascination for photography grows, I reckon I will be more of a portrait photographer.

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