Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Project 365 - the beginning

London, 20.10.2010

Today, I am starting my new blog project. 365 days. 365 pictures.

Why am I not surprised that I was quite lousy at blogging? My friend E.S is so good at it, she blows me away with her consistency. She can write about anything and everything so well and in a decent amount of words. You can check her out here @scrambledeggs

My previous blogging problem is that when I do, I blog LONG. Also my inspirations come and go so quickly that most of the time I don't have the chance to write them down. Many topics that I am interested in was also quite serious it requires so much understanding and research before I can  start writing my "essay". You see, this is a professional habit.

Until that is...  E.S came up with an idea after reading this article. The article moved me to tears. It reminded me of many things, but especially how bitter sweet life is. When our days are numbered, there is that beautiful moment every day. In the long run, we're all dead. But in the short run, there is so much to appreciate.

So E.S is using her iPhone to capture a moment everyday here. I love her photos.  But as I don't own a Polaroid camera nor do I have have an iPhone... my pictures will probably be of inconsistent quality. I will take pictures from whatever camera I can get hold of. Or do they have a polaroid apps for blackberry yet?

So thank you E.S for the lovely idea :) It is perfect because I need a creative project at hand. There are also many things I want to remember, one picture is better than nothing. Sometimes there will be a story behind it, other times there won't.

Exciting moments. (or) Mundane days. (maybe)Repetitive months. But my year.

.365 days. 365 pictures.

Day 1: Tug of War
Dedicated to W.H

Taken with Nikkie (Nikon D90)
London 20.10.2010

W.H has many bad habits in the bedroom... Two of them are: leaving the wardrobe doors open and dirty clothes in a pile on the floor.
This is an experiment to see when he will remove his pile of dirty clothes, lying in the middle of our bedroom. We have to step across it every time we go out or to the bathroom. It's really annoying me but he's pretty oblivious so far (until he runs out of underwear that is).

It has been there 6 days. He still zen about it and says it's a piece of art!


  1. Aww I'm touched!! I am sure your 365 will put mine to shame! You are so cultured with all your art gallery visits and interesting places you go to, your shots will record much more inspiring things than my boring old commute lol!! Excellent first shot... the description makes it! Maybe your 365 could be a photo a day of the growing pile of W's laundry?! You could end up hosting it at the Saatchi gallery!! Fame & fortune thanks to his inability to pick up after himself! Heehee!! Love you!! Xxx

  2. @sweetpea: I prob will try not to incorporate any exhibition photos though.. they will be on my separate art blog. I'm afraid your blog will kick mine's ass cos your photos are soooo much more funky and cool :) I will try to keep up with funny stories :p

    So each one of a kind ey! ;) Love you toooo xxx

  3. Yay you're back blogging! I've missed you. :)
    This project is exciting chị! I'm looking forward to hear your stories behind every photo, and also find out what's happening to you too. Miss you heaps.
    I've come across the 365-day project idea some time ago but could never really get to DO it. I will at some point too... :)