Saturday, 23 October 2010

Day 4: Scientology

I actually had a different picture in mind. But this afternoon as I was walking down Goodge street, I saw two people handing out leaflets about Scientology. Anyone living in London would know that there is a Scientology church on that street, where they recruit new members by offering a "stress" test (and try to tell you that you're stressed anyway)...

But these two weren't doing any good deed for the church. Unluckily I didn't have time to stop and talk to them...  I hope they will still be there the next time I'm in the area. But for today, I want to help and spread their message. I hope they are not harmed by that "Church". They are quite brave to do so and I applaud their action. The Church of Scientology has a reputation of following people around and eff up their head a bit (have you seen that BBC documentary?).

I have nothing against religion. It is people's choice to believe what they want but provided that  it isn't tearing people's lives and families apart.

Check out that website, pretty basic but has some insights into CoS and will probably be shut down soon!

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London 23.10.2010

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  1. OMG so weird, yesterday as I was shopping in Bromley there was a guy standing outside Primark shouting ban Scientology! I walk past these guys who sit outside Primark every weekend offering free 'stress tests' and it only clicked yesterday that they were Scientologists!! They're infiltrating Bromley and trying to convert the clients of Primark! LOL