Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Day 8: Red Carnations

Taken with Canon IXUS 75
London 27.10.2010

I bought these carnations on Columbia Road on Sunday for £1. I love the flower market there. I would have gotten more had we arrived there earlier.

I have a habit of taking photos of the flowers I buy or am given. That is partially because I don't get to buy them as much as I would like to so I try to prolong my images of them. I have a thing for flowers, most types (some scare me a bit). They place a very important part in my life. This is probably because growing up in Vietnam, flowers were abundant and cheap. My mother and my aunt have particular good eyes for them, buying them and arranging them. I love waking up on Saturday mornings to a vase of beautiful yellow tea roses, or chrysanthemums for Tet,  lilies in April for my birthdays.  There was never a week without blooms in our home.

Flowers in London are expensive and the quality doesn't compare to Vietnam (unless you go to very expensive florists). But I'd rather eat a bit less and have something beautiful to look at. It's my extravagance. I also love getting blooms for my friends when I visit them. Flowers make home more beautiful and "homier".

Shame W.H doesn't understand why I like them so much. They die so quickly, he says. But throughout their lifetime they are so beautiful, I reply.

Oh.. and I have managed to find this cool function to make the photos look a bit more artsy on the Canon IXUS 75. Loving the vintage polaroid-look-alike colours... I most certainly will play with this function more often :)

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  1. Very nice color indeed, baby :) I love your posts :X