Thursday, 26 August 2010

Autumn. A time for change.

I love Autumn. Possibly because it always feels like a new year to me.

From as long as I can remember, Autumn has always been a special time. When I was growing up, it was the end of another long, hot Summer. Perhaps after a seaside holiday, lazy days by the pool perfecting swim strokes, hanging out at home cleaning the house, dancing to music... not a care in the world. By September, the Hanoi sun is less intense, phượng flowers blossom, the city becomes more serious. I can never forget those beautiful very-late-Summer-early-Autumn days when my childhood friend and I would bike to school for the opening ceremony of the new academic year. We are happy, excited and hopeful for a new school year. Thanh Nien street in between the two lakes were magical early mornings. I love the beautiful red of phượng  flowers against the clear blue sky. The wind blowing in our hair. I always filled my lungs with those fresh air and felt so alive (that was before all the pollution of the day kicked in).

Summer is leaving London, leaving Londoners a bit nostalgic. Where did our Summer go? We barely had a decent month of sunshine. But we did have several weeks. Most of us probably have just forgotten. Or we  choose to moan about the rain? However, I have to say the rain in London these days are terrible. Continuous, pissing rain at some point and then light and spring-like at other times.  We haven't gone a day without seeing the rain these days.

I have a love-hate affair with the rain. Sometimes it really pisses me off (when I have to walk in it with tons of things in my hands). Today after being pissed off with walking in the rain and running late, I decided to take a cab. Mr Driver simply said to me, "It's an end to our Summer, ain't it?". It sure is. But most of the time I love listening to the sound of the rain, seeing the deserted streets. Something so soothing, so calm, so clean and fresh. It suits this busy city life.

I love Autumn. And not just because my Vietnamese name means just that. I love Autumn because it signifies changes, usually exciting changes. You reboot your system in this season. Nicely rested after lazying days in the sun and alfrescos, now time to really concentration and work hard. To start something new. To achieve something new. This is also why Calendar New Year almost means nothing to me, apart from another reason to party.

There will be numerous changes in my life this Autumn. I have always been a person who champions change. And even though I appreciate and enjoy life as it is now, I think it's time for a new phase. So I embrace change with all my hope, my dedication, my joy and my hard work. I wish you all the same.

 London sky & skyline. New & Old. 

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