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To Eleonora and Yen - each, one of a kind!
I read this book in 2 days straight. I could not put it down... It is a woman's memoir (Elizabeth Gilbert's) which details her year-long trek around the world. She went to Italy (Rome) to study Italian and eat Italian food, India (secret location ashram) to pray and Indonesia (Bali) to continue her spiritual journey and where she finds love. Yes, her book is all about food,yoga/pray and love, which are exactly the things I am so into. But above all it is the story about a woman who was desperately looking for a little something more to her life, finding certain meanings to it or learning about yourself, loving yourself or just experiencing the world. Not everyone's life is about the comfortable house, the kids, the gardens... We find our own destiny. And she did.

I have every reason to love the book and the author. She has lived my dream!!! Elizabeth (known as Liz in the book) has a great sense of humour, she writes deliciously and has published several books, she does yoga and she travels the exact way I would like to travel. If I could do what Liz had done in Eat.Pray.Love, I would go to somewhere in Latin America to properly learn Spanish, to India in search of my spiritual being and to wherever it is that love will take me after! The question for me is WHEN?

I love her even more cos she looks a bit like my lovely friend Eleonora.

Elizabeth Gilbert @blogs.nyu.edu

Also, a movie based on the book is coming out this summer!!! Huge!!! Julia Roberts is playing Liz and Javier Bardem as Felipe. Even Huge-eerr?!?! Seriously Liz Gilbert, is there any girl as lucky as you? (I thought of Carrie Bradshaw, but even she's fiction and she doesn't travel).

Oh well at least Liz and I have three things in common Food - Yoga and Love :) Only that she spent a year of her life in three countries to experience those things, whereas I am completely and totally relying on London at the moment.

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