Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Buy yourself a flower day!

To all my lady friends, on a spur of a moment whilst reading "eat, pray, love"

As much as we love your boyfriend/partner/husband, most of them are quite useless at romance. Especially when you get to that comfortable stage...

My mom loves flowers, but my dad is clueless. But he would always buy her a bouquet on their anniversary/women's day/ her birthday, and the something-obligatory about it always makes her a bit unsatisfied (or maybe that is just my impression).

I find myself in similar situations. I love flowers. Their beauty just makes me happy, like looking at a beautiful painting/creation... However I am always told "but they die so quickly!" as an excuse not to receive flowers. And I am always tempted to say "So will I".

Flowers can be a messenger: of love, of beauty and (most of the time) of caring ... If any of you get a random bouquet or even just a single flower from your men, I congratulate you! Otherwise (if from men) isn't it usually on an anniversary when they buy those ready-made bouquets which I think none of their creativity goes into (because they feel they have to get flowers), or when they've done something wrong, or from potential suitors (but you don't get them anymore when you're in a relationship, do you?). These days, many of my girlfriends, sometimes I, moan about the fact that these simple romantic gestures have died.

It is a feminine thing and most men don't get it. So maybe we should stop expecting so much from them --- I thought why don't we just have a "buy yourself a flower day" (or "days" in my case). Why wait? It doesn't have to be a sophisticated bouquet, sometimes just one chrysanthemum or a bunch of daffodils... so cheap but it will brighten your day. I promise.

Photo credit @cameleyelashes using Nikon D90, 35mm lens

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