Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sounds of London (video unedited)

I was walking by Gabriel's Wharf one Friday afternoon and suddenly I noticed the sound of the Thames for the first time. A random thought occur that I should record this...

Had there been only sound, how many of us would believe this is central London? No traffic noise nor ambulance siren... just the water hitting shore, people talking, kids playing in the distance. Quite lovely, isn't it?

We live in one of the busiest cities in the world, where there is something happening every single minute it seems. But in London we are also quite blessed with beautiful green & quiet spaces, you just need to look out for it. And appreciate it.

Currently almost everyone I know is looking to move elsewhere. To many, London is like a stop-over. I hope they get to where they want to be but I just wish sometimes they would stop and listen to the real London...  another side of the city that isn't all noise, glitz&glamour nor money-talking...

For me, this is my soul-mate city and if I could, I would always come back here. Like a person coming home. Sometimes home is where you make it to be.

I Love London - for richer or poorer.

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