Wednesday, 24 March 2010

'Ello 2010

So far, 2010 has blessed me with great kindness. Personally I still have a lot of S*** in my life to sort and figure out but surrounded by wonderful friends have helped me, all of whom are so beautiful, so caring and fun. Most of whom have their own version of "carpe diem" which inspires me every single day. I can't thank life enough for the people who have come into mine and have become "like hand prints in my heart". It makes my life away from my family a bit easier.

I have also gotten to know some wonderful new friends, who are also great sources of inspiration for me. Ladies you know who you are :) I hope our friendships will flourish.

My mind is clearer and more focus, thanks to my new commitment and passion for yoga. This is an exciting journey for me. I don't really know where it will lead me but I have a feeling it is the right one. I will share my stories with you along the way.

So yes, I hope the first quarter has been a great one for everyone!

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