Wednesday, 16 December 2009

what do bankers and developed nations of Copenhagen have in common?

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Yes, old topics and some development...
Bankers: We are good at taking money from tax-payers as "bail-out" money, which was necessary as you have no choice to go down with us if we do. BUT we refuse to sacrifice any of our bonus because... It's not our problem that you guys don't have quick access to easy and cheap money.
Developed countries: We are great at contributing to global warming and exploiting you resourceful but poor continents in the past centuries or so. BUT now we refuse to help combating global warming by providing firm commitment on long-term financing for you poor peps (We need to keep our bankers happy and it is enough that we had to sacrifice and agree to the other 3 terms).

Bankers: If you make us sacrifice our bonus then we will be going elsewhere. Screw you!
Developed countries: If you don't accept that we won't finance you long term then you are the bad guys who are making an agreement at Copenhagen more difficult. YOU HAVE NO CHOICE SO we urge you to sign a deal anyway "For the common good, all countries should participate" (Ban Ki-moon on promised financial aid not included in terms)

Why does it all sound a bit too familiar?...

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