Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Vietnam and Global Warming

As the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit 2009 continues and while surprisingly some people are still unconvinced about global warming and its impact, here are some photos showing how Vietnam has been affected in recent years as a result of this climatic changes (unless they can give me another reason). This is a country with a 3.500km coastline and a population that still relies heavily on agriculture, fishing and tourism -- it is now one of those that suffers most from climate change.

Average temperature in Summer is becoming higher and higher every year (as high as 43 degrees Celsius last  Summer). Even now in winter the temperature in Hanoi is 20degrees celcius, much higher than it usually is. At the same time temperature variation is drastic with change between cold and warm periods  happening over night.

At the same time the environment is getting worse and worse in Vietnam. Cities are becoming overcrowded and pollution is becoming unbearable. But the people have no time nor resource to do anything about it because they're all too occupied with working hard to catch up with the industrialized world... Instead they put up with heavier storms and worse flooding they come. These developing countries need support to change the ways they develop before it is too late.

Storms sweeping this coastal country has become stronger and more frequent

Traditional outdated production methods are causing undeniable damages to the environment

Deforestation remains a common practice contributing to terrible flooding all over the country

Literally bare mountains tops

The Hong (Red) River in the North drying up


Credit to www.dantri.com.vn

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