Friday, 4 June 2010


There are way too many reviews out there already I won't even bother with criticising it. But I want to say how much I enjoyed it.

The reviews were horrible. Racist. Who-do-they-think-they-are-it's-nothing-feminist. And I get all the criticism but lighten up critic, the film wasn't made for all those purposes. Though ok I can see why it can offend people.

I thought the whole thing was funny and entertaining. It was aimed at fans and that's exactly what we wanted. It also didn't feel that long... everyone seems to notice time but I didn't (though I did yawn a lot as I was tired). Of course there are the cringing moments and so political incorrect at times but Sex and the City is about political incorrectness! Carrie and the girls, as usual, were over the top with their costumes. But they WERE also over the top in Sex and the City series? Remember that episode where she ran to get orange juice with just her bra and the skirt on "causing quite the stir" (scene with Aidan) or when she wore that whole ball gown to a restaurant with Big? But Carrie can do that cos she's fictional. Though I must admit, the movies are over-the-top extravagant. Exactly like what a girlfriend of mine says, the movies are like a caricature version of the series. But critics, that's what we like about it!

To be honest I didn't even really care about the storyline so much. We all know what it will be about. I just wanted to see my girls on the screen again with Samantha's inappropriate jokes, whose tongue is sharper than a knife as someone said; Carrie being annoying with all her nagging but so witty; Charlotte so conservative & traditional it's unreal she can tolerate such liberal girlfriends and Miranda as sarcastic as ever.

 Carrie was annoying as usual (but I do like her)... she's always worried about her relationship with Big (oh look who's talking!). She reminds me of reading Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert... Like Gilbert having so much doubt on this institution of marriage, Carrie was always sceptical about it. She was always afraid the sparkle would go away...  I think her concern is only right, people do get too comfortable and gradually get bored of each other's company. We gotta keep the romance going. Though her excessive need to go out and eat out all the time doesn't really create a family/marriage like atmosphere either. And why does it always take a mistake for people to realize that they appreciate what they have? Isn't that so f***** up? She and Aidan really let me down...

Samatha was hilarious. All those pills she was taking to trick her body into thinking it was 35 was just out of this world. So funny! It's so crazy you don't even judge it. And what's wrong with what's she's doing anyway? It's her personal conviction... lots of other people trick their bodies into thinking it was younger by having cosmetic surgery or botox, no one is telling them it's wrong. So leave Sam alone :)

Charlotte wasn't that entertaining but her nanny was certainly a handful... (ehem!). Charlotte's problems with her baby girls were a bit over the top. And why is she wearing all those pretty clothes while making cupcakes, only Sex and the City knows! (Also Carrie wearing her high heels all the time in the apartment, what is up with that?). Neither Charlotte nor Miranda stood out in this film apart from the "to all those women who don't have help" scene as they talk about the difficulties of motherhood. They both didn't really stand out possibly because Abu Dhabi kinda took away their limelight. The city itself was already so fabulous and so dramatic. There were moments when I cringed at the cultural jokes with Samantha's somewhat lack of respect to a culture.. and then save-by-the-bell Muslim women who wore the latest collection under their hijab (and they really do), that was American tacky.

One of the things that cracks me most was Carrie's old apartment... because of the recession they didn't put it on the market. But they didn't even bother renting it out because they had so much money. Just so (again) out of this world for the majority of us. The writers try to incorporate the recession but it so backfired! She could have rented it out for two years and save up for the $22,000/night hotel room.?And the other thing was Stanford Blatch and Anthony Marantino. Oh my god that was funny.

Overall an entertaining night with the girls, both those who went with me and those on the screen.

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