Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Ole!to you.Nonetheless

I was totally happy to come across this TED video today. Thanks to my little sis, @hoapham, for telling me that it was out there. I have read many Elizabeth Gilbert interviews but did not realize there was even a TED video of her.

Liz talked about genius and how we have somewhat ruined that energy. By the look of the comments, there are people who do not get what she's trying to say... But it totally makes sense to me. In fact it makes so much sense.

I have been trying to write about Ashile Gorky in my other blog http://camelwritesart.blogspot.com/
But I am experiencing writer's block. That period has a generation of all those genius and creative people who died, mostly by their own hands. I kept trying to find explanations through biographies (currently reading Rothko's) and thought about their times, the traumas in their lives? But it is only until today that I thought of: could it also be our approach to their genius that has partially led to their demise? The pressure to be somebody, to keep being somebody --- aren't we all are SOMEBODY already?

Of course I'm simplifying the reasons with these specific artists that I mentioned... It's just a theory but it is true that the more accomplished people become, the lonelier they are. Does it really have to be so lonely at the top?

Anyhow, I am constantly being "mesmerized" by this lady. She's so truthful, simple, inspiring and has a great sense of humour. A really no-nonsense type of person.

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